About us

About Us

With previous experience working on the Kolar Greenstone Belt of India, and other targets in Northern, Western and Southern India as well as overseas projects held by Indian based companies, the group has worked across multi commodity projects for local and multinational groups within the Indian regulatory system. This, together with extensive group experience covering Archaean and Proterozoic aged greenstone terranes of Australia, West Africa and Canada and extensive experience in epithermal and porphyry hosted mineralisation throughout North America, Europe, Central and South East Asia and the Pacific, means Indo-Aus consultants are experienced across a wide range of mineralised systems and geological environments.

From project appraisals, assisting with onsite project planning and execution of exploration and mining programs, drilling and geophysical surveys, to mapping, geological and geophysical interpretations, modelling and target generation, to data analysis, reporting and remote assistance with systems and procedures, Indo-Aus is able to assist its clients across a range of services within the resource sector.

Bruce has 35 years’ experience in economic geology (principally epithermal and hydrothermal gold systems as well as porphyry environments).

Bruce McDonald

Matthew has been an exploration geologist for over 15 years with a primary focus on orogenic gold and low sulphidation epithermal gold deposits.

Matthew Perkins

The founding partner of the Indian based resources sector solution provider Datacode, Nagpur.  Datacode is a leading geo-scientific software marketing and consulting company in India.

Karunakar Rao