Web Accessed SQL Database, QAQC and Database Management Services

Over many years of working with client data in rudimentary spreadsheets and simple non-validated databases, the need for intuitive database handling and reporting tools that can easily be applied and adopted by clients to improve their data validity, access, and productivity has lead the team at Indo-Aus to develop in conjunction with an Australian based “hosted database” solution provided, a database system tailored to the needs of early to advanced exploration projects.

Via a centralised web-hosted SQL database that ensures data validity and that only authorised users within an organisation have access to a single reference of verified data, users are able to access data from any office or site location, and carry with them mirrored copies of the latest database information for local and remote use. Intuitive checks, protocols and reporting tools, with integrated reporting directly to GIS and 3D software systems means users are able to easily and effortless access and utilise their latest data for daily activities.

Our systems include complete QAQC check and reporting tools for all assay data, batch, submission and periodical reporting and tracking of analytical data.