Geophysical Modelling

Geophysical Modelling and Interpretation of Potential Field Data

At Indo-Aus we offer leading in-house expertise for the processing and interpretation of potential field geophysical datasets including airborne magnetics, gravity, IP (induced polarisation) and EM (electromagnetic) data. Utilising specialist tools, filters and software for advanced imaging and modelling of geophysical survey data, our consultants can effectively model and interpret the physical properties and response of rock beneath the earth’s surface. Effective modelling and integration of this data with geological and other datasets provides an integrated and multi-disciplined approach to the analysis and interpretation of geophysical data within its geological context. Interpretations, models and targets are routinely provided to clients in digital format together with a detailed report of the work undertaken and ranked targets for additional follow-up.

We are also able to undertake contract negotiations with geophysical service providers on behalf of the client, complete onsite or remote QAQC of survey data acquisition, and the effective cleaning and flight line levelling of older historic data using the latest in processing technology and techniques prior to re-interpretation.  This has included previous survey work in India.