Over a number of years Indo-Aus Consulting has developed a close working relationship with a specialist research group based in New Zealand that provides leading petrographic services to the mining and exploration industry. This includes detailed petrographic analysis with a focus on mineralogy and understanding of geologic processes relating specifically to ore genesis and mineralisation, with the aim to provide a practical link between ore deposit research and mineral exploration.

In the application of petrology to mineral exploration, the group has experience in a range of geological terranes and mineral settings worldwide. These include epithermal to mesothermal precious metal and porphyry/intrusion-related copper-gold-molybdenum mineralisation associated with Paleozoic to Quaternary plate-boundary settings; and orogenic and intrusion – related epithermal to mesothermal gold and base metal mineralisation in Pre-Cambrian to Mesozoic rocks of intra-plate to plate-margin settings.

Services include detailed petrological reporting with photomicrographs, fluid inclusion, electron microprobe and x-ray diffraction analysis with data interpretation, reporting and consultation.