Drilling Expertise

Surface and Underground Drilling Expertise

Indo-Aus has extensive experience and expertise in all forms of diamond and RC drilling, including conventional and wire-line, surface and underground drilling, drill rig operation and management. The group has managed and undertaken drilling in many parts of Australia, New Zealand, Sardinia, West Africa, Philippines, Fiji, Korea, Kyrgyz Republic and Russia utilising either its own drilling assets (mobilised to and from site) or client owned drill rigs. With a close working relationship with Korean based Hanjin Drilling and Boring, including assisting in general R&D for improved drilling performance and reliability, Indo-Aus has a proven track record of discovery through drilling and applied drilling technologies, including deep deflection drilling to over 1,700m in depth for clients.

A core differentiator for the group is the ability to effectively compile and interpret client data, accordingly plan exploration programs leading to and including drill testing of targets with full geological and drilling support of the complete process.

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Planning and Supervision

Exploration Project Planning and Onsite Supervision

Working in conjunction with a client’s specific requirements, Indo-Aus is able to assist, plan and implement a wide range of exploration, drilling and supervisory programs to assist a client’s needs both onsite or via remote support, as required.

Planning and implementation of exploration programs may include field mapping, soil and rockchip sampling and trenching, through to more advanced programs of regional and in-mine drillhole targeting, planning, supervision, core logging and data-assay management. The group is also well placed to assist with third-party drilling and airborne geophysical contract negotiations on behalf of the client, and provide onsite supervision and QAQC of data collection during drilling or survey acquisition.

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Field Exploration

Practical Field Exploration and Geological Knowledge

Indo-Aus offers its clients practical field knowledge, application and experience gained over decades of working in the international mining and exploration community on a range of deposit and commodity types, including mesothermal and orogenic gold systems, porphyry, epithermal and polymetallic systems and the applied application of airborne geophysics to the oil and gas industry. Each of our principal consultants is extensively experienced in their fields of expertise and collectively able to provide clients a multi-disciplined approach to exploration, understanding and advancement of projects from grassroots through to production, in the most cost effective, practical and time efficient manner.

Via the collective integration and interpretation of geological, geochemical and geophysical datasets using state of the art processing and analytical tools, the group is able to provide clients meaningful outcomes, reports, models and targets for evaluation, testing and immediate follow up. With direct experience working with Indian geology and mineralised systems, whether in the field or remotely via project datasets and reporting, we bring Australian best-practice mining and exploration techniques and technology, principals and implementation to all project work that the group is involved with

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3D Modelling

3D Geological Modelling and Target Generation

Combining a strong understanding of structural geology, geological interpretation and controls on mineralization with the latest in advanced 3D mining and interpretation software, geologists at Indo-Aus are able to interpret, wireframe and construct both basic and complex 3D models for advanced target generation, evaluation and testing.

Through the use of tools such as Gemcom, Datamine, MapInfo, ER Mapper, Profile Analyst and Model Vision, our team has the ability to draw upon and integrate information from separate and disparate datasets in both a 2D and 3D interpretative environment, enabling the best use of all available data and empowering a client to make the most informed decisions to drive their project and drilling programs forward.

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Target Generation

Target Generation and Reporting

A multi-disciplined approach to the interpretation of field and digital datasets enables the generation of robust exploration targets for appraisal and field testing. With significant experience gained from many years of practical application, and a proven track record of economic discoveries with both major and junior resource companies in a range of geological and tectonic settings, members of Indo-Aus Consulting are able to assist clients in the generation of targets, evaluation and planning through to follow-up exploration and definitive drill testing of targets at both regional and in-mine deposit scales, near surface or at depth below cover.

We utilise the latest technology driven tools integrated with traditional field methods of geology boots, hammer and hand lens to provide clients with the means to discover new and extend existing mineral deposits and projects.

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Geological Interpretations

Geological Interpretations at the District and Deposit Scale

An understanding of the geology and geological and structural control to mineralisation is a fundamental element of applied exploration. Whether at a regional district scale or local deposit scale, the ability to effectively interpret and synthesise geological data from numerous sources into a concise geologically and structurally robust model is a core skill of the geological team at Indo-Aus Consulting. Through the integration of existing geological mapping, drillcore logging, bottom of hole geology and open file data with structural mapping from field observations, geophysical and remote sensing datasets, high quality coherent geological interpretations can be produced.

All interpretations are created in a 2D or 3D GIS environments and provided to the client for future use in subsequent work programs.

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IT & Communications

IT Establishment and Communications

Indo-Aus Consulting is industry leading in the implementation and support of all aspects of mining and exploration information systems, as per industry best practises and best of breed technology. As an organisation which has managed mining projects we understand the flexibility and constraints in operating mines and exploration.

Since inception Indo-Aus has been implementing and supporting remote networks and systems in difficult environment’s ensuring that there is always reliable communications and systems. Reliable communications for mining and exploration sites is a critical part to the effective management, safety and overall efficiency of a project. The information systems we have developed provide the highest ROI (return on investment) on the infrastructure and resources available.

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Environmental and Hydro Geological

Environmental and Hydro Geological Monitoring and Reporting

We have established remote monitored weather and environmental base stations on client projects for the routine monitoring and reporting of data for government and reporting compliance. Baseline studies and ongoing monitoring of site environmental conditions can be an important facet of daily project operations and for regulatory reporting purposes. We can assist in the sourcing, establishment and monitoring of the right tools and information for the task at hand.

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Analysis & Reporting

Intuitive Reporting Tools for Exploration and Mining Data

Indo-Aus has developed a number of intuitive reporting tools to assist clients in the tracking and reporting of a range of daily activities, utilising the latest in Microsoft SharePoint technology linked with customised database and reporting tools to email, access and excel for ease of use by all within an organisation.


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Web Accessed SQL Database, QAQC and Database Management Services

Over many years of working with client data in rudimentary spreadsheets and simple non-validated databases, the need for intuitive database handling and reporting tools that can easily be applied and adopted by clients to improve their data validity, access, and productivity has lead the team at Indo-Aus to develop in conjunction with an Australian based “hosted database” solution provided, a database system tailored to the needs of early to advanced exploration projects.

Via a centralised web-hosted SQL database that ensures data validity and that only authorised users within an organisation have access to a single reference of verified data, users are able to access data from any office or site location, and carry with them mirrored copies of the latest database information for local and remote use. Intuitive checks, protocols and reporting tools, with integrated reporting directly to GIS and 3D software systems means users are able to easily and effortless access and utilise their latest data for daily activities.

Our systems include complete QAQC check and reporting tools for all assay data, batch, submission and periodical reporting and tracking of analytical data.

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Resource Estimation

Resource Estimation Studies

Indo-Aus Consulting has a close working relationship developed over many years with a leading Australian-based resource geologist providing highest quality resource estimation studies to the Australian and international mining communities. The group is able to draw upon this expertise to provide its clients with highly specialised resource estimation work compliant under the various internationally accepted resource reporting codes.

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Technical Reporting

Technical Document Preparation to JORC and NI43-101 Compliance

Our consultants at Indo-Aus are routinely involved with technical report writing and provision of documents to government and regulatory bodies on behalf of clients. The preparation of technical documents and reporting of statutory data to the internationally adopted Australian JORC code and Canadian National Instrument NI43-101 compliance code is strictly adhered to by Indo-Aus consultants and its associated partners.

The group is able to prepare all technical reports for clients with necessary competent person sign off. Our consultants are members to relevant international bodies AusIMM, AIG and Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), and have access to some of the industry’s leading experts for document review and critical analysis.

The company has developed in-house reporting tools for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting of exploration data and these can be tailored to a clients’ specific requirements as needed.

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Over a number of years Indo-Aus Consulting has developed a close working relationship with a specialist research group based in New Zealand that provides leading petrographic services to the mining and exploration industry. This includes detailed petrographic analysis with a focus on mineralogy and understanding of geologic processes relating specifically to ore genesis and mineralisation, with the aim to provide a practical link between ore deposit research and mineral exploration.

In the application of petrology to mineral exploration, the group has experience in a range of geological terranes and mineral settings worldwide. These include epithermal to mesothermal precious metal and porphyry/intrusion-related copper-gold-molybdenum mineralisation associated with Paleozoic to Quaternary plate-boundary settings; and orogenic and intrusion – related epithermal to mesothermal gold and base metal mineralisation in Pre-Cambrian to Mesozoic rocks of intra-plate to plate-margin settings.

Services include detailed petrological reporting with photomicrographs, fluid inclusion, electron microprobe and x-ray diffraction analysis with data interpretation, reporting and consultation.

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Geotechnical Analysis and Reporting

Practical Field Exploration and Geological Knowledge

Indo-Aus Consulting has a professional association with a leading Australian based geotechnical engineer providing highest quality geotechnical studies, onsite assessment and advice to clients. From geotechnical hazard assessment, construction and surface and underground mine ground stability review and guidance, to safe planning and implementation of ground support and safe work practices, we are able to draw upon the expertise of leading industry professionals to complement the services that Indo-Aus is able to offer its clients.

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